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For the past 25 years, tangerine has been among the world's leading design consultancies. With past directors including Sir Jonathan Ive (now Senior VP of Design at Apple, Inc.), tangerine has produced some of the most innovative and ground-breaking designs for organizations ranging from British Airways to Samsung. Combining exhaustive research with an ability to foresee the needs and environments in which the products will be used, tangerine focus on key aspects of successful and profitable products, such as accessibility, functionality, ease of use, comfort and efficiency, all of which are combined into beautiful, sleek and elegant designs. In this celebration of their first 25 years of creativity, tangerine's Managing Director, Martin Darbyshire, explains how his and his co-founders' personal design beliefs have shaped the company's work. He will dispel design philosophy myths have are currently in existence and explore new thoughts and ideas on the future of design, particularly its contribution to business and future experiences that customers may look forward to. Twenty-five case studies then offer the reader an insight into a diverse range of projects - from a comb with a spirit-level for precision haircuts to a survival knife for Wilkinson Sword, a set-top box for the Sky+ brand, mobile telephones, train interiors for Heathrow Express, concept diggers for Hyundai Heavy Industries, flat-screen TVs for BOE and airline seating for British Airway's Club World. With fascinating illustrations taking the reader through various stages of the creative process - from initial concept drawings to early and middle-stage prototypes to the finished item, this informative book is a must-have for anyone interested in the design process or who is thinking of making a career in the industry.

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