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Carey Maloney (veja mais livros deste autor)
Pointed Leaf Press(veja mais livros desta editora)

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Explore the interiors, collections, and fascinations of the brilliant design duo Carey Maloney and Hermes Mallea of M(Group) in the one-of-a-kind monograph on their work, Stuff: The M(Group) guide to collecting, decorating with, and learning about wonderful and unusual things. A treasure trove of design eclecticism, Stuff brings you inside their world of beautifully orchestrated, transformative, and bold city and country interiors. To enter the world of Stuff is to become versed in subjects that span their diverse and sometimes esoteric interests: from Australian Aboriginal art to Chinese scholar's rocks, ancient Greek marbles to twentieth-century anatomical medical models, Pre-Columbian Aztec pottery to Maoist revolutionary ceramics, eachsubject is accompanied by anecdotes as insightful and witty as the spaces they love to create. Moving the monograph into the twenty-first century with digital recognition technology that allows readers to delve further into the collecting topics with links to the world's leading museums and art and antiques dealers, Stuff offers an opportunity to learn in-depth about some of the world's greatest areas of collecting, and to find out about new areas of collecting you might not know existed. Stuff is elegant, fun, full of fascinating and erudite information, and shows how great collections of wonderful, world-class art are created, displayed, and integrated into day-to-day life - with wit and tongue firmly in cheek.

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