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Luis Bustamante: Interiors

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Ana Domínguez (veja mais livros deste autor)
Ediciones El Viso(veja mais livros desta editora)

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Luis Bustamante: Interiors showcases the work of interior architect Luis Bustamante, whose long career has encompassed different stages, first in Barcelona, then in Mexico, and currently in Madrid, where he heads a prestigious interior design studio that has scored some spectacular successes throughout the world. In effect, the homes decorated by Luis Bustamante can be found across the world from houses in the Big Apple and Miami to Spain and London. Featuring texts by Ana Domínguez and photographs by Ricardo Labougle, this book tours the trail of beauty that links each of these homes with the next. Locations featured include: Madrid, Mexico DF, New York, Miami, Gstaad, Rougement, Mallorca, Guadalajara, Toledo, La Romana (Santo Domingo). Luis Bustamante graduated in Fine Arts at the Complutense University in Madrid. In the 1980s he devoted himself to sculpture and painting, exhibiting his work in Madrid and Barcelona on various occasions. In 1991 he began his career as an interior designer in Barcelona, where he lived for 8 years working within this field. He then moved to Mexico, where he continued his career over the next five years, establishing himself as an international decorator. In the year 2000 he settled in Madrid,where he set up his decoration and interior design studio with a team of professionals. Today this studio serves as a centre of operations for both his work in Spain and his projects abroad, such as those he has carried out in New York, Miami, London, Gstaad, Caracas, The Dominican Republic and Mexico.

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