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Light Of Series Slipcase Set Of Three, The

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Jean Michel Berts (veja mais livros deste autor)
ASSOULINE PUBLISHING, INC(veja mais livros desta editora)

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In the twilight of dawn, when the stately avenues and gritty side streets are empty and silent, London?s smorgasbord of architecture both medieval and modern can be seen with new eyes. London?s legendary fogs have long since dissipated, but the city?s expansive parks are still shrouded in morning mist, and the historic streets echo with centuries of history, captured and condensed by renowned author John Julius Norwich. Jean-Michel Berts?s camera and Lord Norwich?s pen expose the unique character of this majestic city when the bustle of the global capital is stilled.
At dawn, the streets of New York resonate with a life of its own: muted, subdued, and mysterious. Award-winning photographer Jean-Michel Berts captures the city that never sleeps in moments of dream-like serenity. The city's greatest landmarks and views are captured here like never before, as buildings, bridges, completely deserted streets, trees, and empty flights of stairs take on a poetic, ethereal quality. Much more than a hymn, this photographic gem is a moving homage to the world's greatest city, seen as a virtuoso sculptor's masterpiece. Each print is given ample breathing space in a GIFTS-volume whose opulent trim size befits the spectacular quality of the shots.
As King Francois I once said, "Paris is not a city, it's a world." Long after the swarming crowd has deserted it, after the hum and buzz of traffic has subsided, Paris still resonates with a discreet life of its own. Working before sunrise and after sundown, photographer Jean-Michel Berts has created these dream-like black-and-white images, including Montmartre and the banks of the Seine. Following the Grands Boulevards and the footprints of Baudelaire, Brassa, and Huysmans, the deserted streets of Paris take on a poetic, ethereal quality. Featuring beautiful text by the French novelist Pierre Assouline, this book is a moving homage to the city of lights. Each print is given ample breathing space in this volume, whose opulent trim size befits the spectacular quality of the shots.

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