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Jean Muir: Beyond fashion

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This is the first book ever published to illustrate the extraordinary career of Jean Muir, one of Britain's most eminent and brilliant fashion designers, whose worldwide reputation for originality and style remains unsurpassed.

The publication date in October has been chosen to coincide with the 40th anniversary celebrations to mark the first Jean Muir collection in 1966.Today, the impact of the Jean Muir name in the media means that this event will be accompanied by extensive publicity and press promotion

Iconic British fashion designer, Jean Muir (1928-1995) doyenne of dressmaking, is forever associated with ëthe little black dressí. Her signature style married a distinctive purity of line with a soft fluidity on the body, to create the sensuous deceptively simple clothes that became her trademark, epitomized by her work in matte jersey, and in particular her jersey dresses, which brought her legendary status in an internationally-renowned career that spanned four decades. Working with a range of fabrics, which apart from her matte jersey included wools, silks, suede, leather, and fine cashmere, she was the first designer on the international stage to apply couture quality and craftsmanship in her collections. While the French accorded her the title, ëla nouvelle Reine de la Robeí, the actress Joanna Lumley, a Jean Muir house model in the 70ís, who has worn Muir designs ever since, famously stated that, "every woman should have a Jean Muir in her wardrobe".

Her designs were constant favorites with artistic, literary, and dramatic personalities drawn to the discreet luxe and timeless femininity of her clothes: Dame Judi Dench, Dame Maggie Smith, Lady Olivier, Charlotte Rampling, Lauren Bacall, Barbra Streisand, Bridget Riley, Dame Elisabeth Frink, Lady Antonia Fraser, Dame Diana Rigg, whose actress daughter, Rachael Stirling now wears Muir.

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