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Interior Splendor By Pierre-Yves Rochon

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The secrets behind the work of chameleon designer Pierre Yves Rochon, who has devoted thirty years to the quest for 'absolute comfort.' Is there a signature Rochon style? At first, it is difficult to tell because the designer always adapts his work to the environment in which it unfolds, bringing out the location?s unique spirit. A great traveler, he blends international styles, borrowing from both modern and classical influences. Hailed as a ' visionary designer ' and 'master of grand luxe' by the Financial Times? How To Spend It, Rochon?s most prestigious commissions include Four Seasons Hotels--in Paris, Florence, Washington, Shanghai and Cairo, for example--and restaurants for several Michelin-starred chefs. His residential work includes sumptuous private homes he has designed across Europe, America, and the Middle East. This monograph--Rochon?s first--reveals the designer?s trademark approach to interior splendor. For him, 'the quality of the object and the hand that made it,' is essential for creating a sumptuous interior. He devotes attention to every detail, from the architecture, to the furniture, the lighting, the fabrics, and art objects. Where he inserts a new structure into a space, such as a fireplace or a column, it feels like it has always been there. His interiors thus exude harmony and comfort, while retaining a strong sense of the location?s culture, geography, and history.

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