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Helen Nash's New Kosher Cuisine

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'Helen Nash's New Kosher Cuisine' 'Not a traditional Jewish cookbook but a sophisticated contemporary book of kosher recipes that are easy, quick, light, fat-free, and nutritious.'
-- 'The New York Times'
'Helen Nash's passion for cooking--and for easy-to-follow techniques--shines through her new book. By incorporating exotic ingredients like wasabi powder and panko into kosher cuisine, Nash has created recipes that are deeply respectful of tradition, but at the same time exciting, sophisticated and modern.'
-- Jean-Georges Vongerichen, award-winning chef, author and restaurateur?
'Helen Nash is a legendary cook, and her new collection of recipes is extraordinary. Her easy, elegant cooking methods for boneless chicken breast and fish particularly caught my eye and palate. And a few recipes have already become part of my daily repertoire. She's also given me some new soup ideas - and I wrote a best-- selling soup cookbook! Ingredients that were not part of the kosher pantry when she penned her first and very famous books - for example, extra-- virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese, to name a few - are now readily available with kosher certification. This is simply an innovative and exceptional book, full of fresh food ideas for everyone, kosher or not.'
-- Arthur Schwartz, author of 'Arthur Schwartz's Jewish Home Cooking: Yiddish Recipes Revisited'
' The recipes in ' Helen Nash's New Kosher Cuisine ' are elegant, simple and healthy, with practical hints and suggestions to help avoid pitfalls. It is an indispensable cookbook for gracious, modern entertaining--whether you are kosher or not.'
-- Joan Hamburg, Host of WOR Radio's ' The Joan Hamburg Show '
' Helen Nash has written a wonderful cookbook. Its easy--to--read and easy-to-follow recipes combine classic and modern ingredients. It is a must for anyone who loves food and likes to cook.'
-- Sylvia Weinstock, Author of ' Sylvia Weinstock's Sensational Cakes ' and owner of Sylvia Weins

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