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Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigator's Handbook

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<p><i>Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigator's Handbook is</i> a vital tool in the arsenal of today's computer programmers, students, and investigators. As computer networks become ubiquitous throughout the world, cyber crime, cyber terrorism,and cyber war have become some of the most concerning topics in today's security landscape. News stories about Stuxnet and PRISM have brought these activities into the public eye, and serve to show just how effective, controversial, and worrying these tactics can become.</p> <p><i>Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigator's Handbook</i> describes and analyzes many of the motivations, tools, and tactics behind cyber attacks and the defenses against them. With this book, you will learn about the technological and logistic framework of cyber crime, as well as the social and legal backgrounds of its prosecution and investigation. Whether you are a law enforcement professional, an IT specialist, a researcher, or a student, you will find valuable insight into the world of cyber crime and cyber warfare.</p> <p>Edited by experts in computer security, cyber investigations, and counter-terrorism, and with contributions from computer researchers, legal experts, and law enforcement professionals, <i>Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigator's Handbook</i> will serve as your best reference to the modern world of cyber crime.</p><ul><li>Written by experts in cyber crime, digital investigations, and counter-terrorism</li><li>Learn the motivations, tools, and tactics used by cyber-attackers, computer security professionals, and investigators</li><li>Keep up to date on current national and international law regarding cyber crime and cyber terrorism</li><li>See just how significant cyber crime has become, and how important cyber law enforcement is in the modern world</li></ul>

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