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Art and Feminism

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Helena Reckitt (veja mais livros deste autor)
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From the 1960s to the millennium, Art and Feminism traces the changing art practices, art historical debates, manifestos, challenges, rediscoveries and reawakenings that characterize the dynamic, continuing dialogue between feminism and contemporaryart. Feminism has had a crucial impact on late twentieth-century art, inspiring some of the most pioneering developments in sculpture, painting, performance, photography, film and installation. The art world has been transformed by feminists who at the same time have been among its chief critics. It has redefined the very terms of late twentieth-century art, exposing assumptions about gender, politicizing the link between private and public and stressing the specificity of art marked by gender,race, age and class. Selected by editor and researcher Helena Reckitt, this collection presents the rich diversity of art informed and shaped by feminism for decades. More than just a comprehensive history, the book juxtaposes works by many artists who are not usually shown or discussed together, revealing new connections between key figures.Survey Peggy Phelan re-examines the established histories of women's art, opening up new perspectives on the shifting relationship between ideas and idealsof feminism and practices of art.Works provides an extensive colour plate section with extended captions for every artwork. The diverse range of artists featured includes Sophie Calle, Marlene Dumas, Tracey Emin, Nan Goldin, Rebecca Horn, Barbara Kruger, Yoko Ono and Gillian Wearing and many others. 'Too Much' explores the significant role played by women artists in the development of new forms of art during the 1960s, such as Happenings, Fluxus and performance art.'Personalizing the Political'witnesses the birth of a recognized feminist art movement in the early 1970s, women-only exhibitions and activism.'Differences' shows the influence of psychoanalytical concepts of sexual difference on feminist artists in the late 1970s.'Identity Cris

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