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An Introduction to Biotechnology

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W T Godbey (veja mais livros deste autor)
Woodhead Publishing Limited(veja mais livros desta editora)

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<i>An Introduction to Biotechnology</i> is a biotechnology textbook aimed at undergraduates. It covers the basics of cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, and introduces laboratory techniques specific to the technologies addressed in thebook; it addresses specific biotechnologies at both the theoretical and application levels.<br>Biotechnology is a field that encompasses both basic science and engineering. There are currently few, if any, biotechnology textbooks that adequately address both areas. Engineering books are equation-heavy and are written in a manner that is very difficult for the non-engineer to understand. Numerous other attempts to present biotechnology are written in a flowery manner with little substance. The author holds one of the first PhDs granted in both biosciences and bioengineering. He is more than an author enamoured with the wow-factor associated with biotechnology; he is a practicing researcher in gene therapy, cell/tissue engineering, and otherareas and has been involved with emerging technologies for over a decade. Having made the assertion that there is no acceptable text for teaching a course to introduce biotechnology to both scientists and engineers, the author committed himself to resolving the issue by writing his own.<ul><li>The book is of interest to a wide audience because it includes the necessary background for understanding how a technology works.</li><li>Engineering principles are addressed, but in such a way that an instructor can skip the sections without hurting course content</li><li>The author has been involved with many biotechnologies through his own direct research experiences. The text is more than a compendium of information - it is an integrated work written by an author who has experienced first-hand the nuances associated with many of the major biotechnologies of general interest today.</li></ul>

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