Backyard Oasis

Daniell Cornell
Backyard Oasis
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  • Publicado: 25/10/2011 | 1a edição
  • Editora: Prestel UK
  • ISBN: 9783791351766
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Páginas: 256 páginas
  • Tipo Capa: Capa Dura
  • Fotografias ou Ilustrações: 225 Illustrated
  • Altura: 29.50 cm
  • Largura: 29.50 cm
  • Espessura: 3.80 cm
  • Peso: 2.10 kg
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Since the end of World War II, southern California's backyard pools - those blue-green oases in an otherwise often arid landscape - have symbolized any number of American ideals: optimism, wealth, consumerism, escape, physical beauty, and the triumph of man over nature. Simultaneously, the field of photography developed as a transformative method for recording the human condition. This exhibition catalogue celebrates the nexus of these two phenomena in a one-of-a-kind collection that features more than two hundred works by more than forty post-war artists and photographers. It presents works by photographers and artists including Bill Anderson, John Baldessari, Ruth Bernhard, David Hockney, Herb Ritts, Ed Ruscha, Julius Shulman, and Larry Sultan. Thematically grouped into topics ranging from the rise of celebrity culture, suburbia and dystopia, avant-garde architectural landscape design and the cult of the body, these images offer a rich study of the cultural connotations of the swimming pool. Six insightful essays provide a comprehensive overview of the development of the swimming pool and its attendant aesthetic and social culture.