Suzanne Belperron

Sylvie Raulet Foreword by Olivier Baroin
Suzanne Belperron
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  • Publicado: 16/12/2011 | 1a edição
  • Editora: Antique Collectors Club
  • ISBN: 9781851496259
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Páginas: 350 páginas
  • Tipo Capa: Capa Dura
  • Fotografias ou Ilustrações: 400 colours illustrations
  • Altura: 28.40 cm
  • Largura: 28.50 cm
  • Espessura: 3.70 cm
  • Peso: 2.80 kg
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Suzanne Belperron was one of the most talented and influential jewellery designers of the 20th century. Inspired by the discovery of her personal archives in 2007, the authors of this book have created the first volume dedicated to the life and works of this renowned Parisian jeweller. In 1919 Belperron was employed as a model maker and designer by Germaine Boivin. She contributed enormously to the success of the Maison René Boivin, but in 1932 she decided to leave the company. It was with her associate Bernard Herz, a well known precious stone and pearl dealer, that Belperron first found the freedom to reject traditional jewellery design and manufacture. Fascinated by colored stones, regardless of their value, she created highly innovative pieces, most of which were angular and set in platinum. Her jewellery was so original that she never signed her pieces, instead insisting ‘my style is my signature’. Indeed, Belperron’s avant-garde style was adored by the ‘fashionistas’ of her time. Her work frequently appeared in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, and her clientele included most of Europe’s royalty and aristocrats as well as bankers, fashion designers, intellectuals and American movie stars. The Duke of Windsor, the Rothschilds, ElsaSchiaparelli, Nina Ricci, Colette, Malet Stevens, Ganna Walska, and Gary Cooper are all known to have frequented Belperron’s Parisian workshop. Belperron is often imitated today, and the lack of signature on her pieces can make identifying and dating them very difficult. The discovery of her personal archives was therefore of enormous significance, and makes this publication an essential reference book for enthusiasts of Suzanne Belperron and jewellery in general.