Free Font Index 02

Hans Lijklema
Free Font Index 02
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  • Publicado: 16/08/2010 | 1a edição
  • Editora: Pepin Press
  • ISBN: 9789057681479
  • Idioma: Inglês
  • Páginas: 250 páginas
  • Tipo Capa: Capa Dura
  • Fotografias ou Ilustrações: Full Illustrations
  • Altura: 24.00 cm
  • Largura: 18.50 cm
  • Espessura: 3.80 cm
  • Peso: 1.10 kg
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FREE FONT INDEX 2 contains over 500 fonts from type foundries around the world. A number of the fonts in the book include special character sets such as Central/Eastern European, Cyrillic and Greek. In addition to comprehensive letter proofs of all fonts, the book includes interviews with renowned typeface designers like Donald Beekman, Ray Larabie, and Jakob Fischer (a.k.a. pizza dude). All fonts contained in the book are included on the accompanying CD, can be used on both Mac and PCs, and are licensed for personal and commercial use.